83photostudio is one of  the most unique photo booth in Indonesia. We are happy to be partner with  a good Event organizer and Wedding Organizer. Because behind a successful event, there is always a good Event Organizer and wedding Organizer. Every good EO and WO need a trusted vendors.  83phtostudio is trusted vendor, because we  have a good quality of service and elegant of rustic box. This will make our customer feel happy, fun, and satisfied.


We have a special discount for our partnership of our service after the first order. The more often you book our service, you will get more discount and any kind of free additional from us. If you are a loyalty partnership , we will advertise your brand in our overlay design and our Instagram. 

If you are interested to be our partnership, please kindly fill out the partner Registration below

Or Please kindly contact us at

Whatsapp : +62 818 0788 8383

Line : @83photostudio (use @)

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